Payment Methods Accepted:
Cash, Credit, Checks, Health Spending Accounts (HSA), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and HRA Reimbursements Accounts (HRA)

Cancellation Policy: 
A $25 fee will be charged for cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.


  • 15 Minute by phone consultation
  • Where you are currently with your health
  • Where you want to go with your health
  • One or two questions on your case
  • Complimentary


$ 200
  • Discuss past, present health concerns and goals
  • First office visit requires an hour and 45 mins
  • Services included w/consultation (Iridology, Flower Essence and Healthy Eating & Nutrition)
  • Previous lab work & medical record review
  • One (1) Blood Type Chart
  • Review and explanation of findings
  • Recommended treatment plan
  • Recommended for chronic disease

Services Available after Initial Consultation

  • Flower Essence Consultation
    One (1) Flower Essence Included
  • Iridology Consultation
    One (1) Iridology Sesssion
  • Muscle Response Testing
    (1) Muscle Response Testing Session
  • Dietary Consultation
    One (1) Healthy Eating/Nutrition Session
  • pH Balance Consultation
    One (1) pH Balancing Session
  • pH Balance Test Kit
    One pH Balance Test Kit
  • Flower Essence Refill
    One flower Essence
  • Ionic Foot Bath

One (1) – thirty (30) min session

Two (2) – thirty (30) min sessions

Four (4) – thirty (30) min sessions











Take Advantage of our "Add An Additional Service For $70 Each Special!"

After you have had your One Hour Consultation, you may schedule any of our services listed above. When you purchase any service, you will be given the option to add an additional service at that time for a discounted price. Simply check the additional service you want in the “Add an additional service for $70” box and then choose the time for your initial appointment. If you want to schedule your additional service in back to back time slots, you may do so then. If you want to schedule the additional service at a different time, you can make arrangements with our office for your additional appointment slot.