Muscle Response Testing

Clinical Kinesiology (Muscle Response Testing) monitors and test the energetics of the body.  The Kinesiology or kinetics originates from the study of muscle and joint movement.  Clinical Kinesiology provides a new and fascinating way of communicating and healing through the inseparable energy linking mind, body and spirit.

For example, in the Chinese system of acupuncture, every reflex point on your body contains electrical potential.  Through stimulation of acupuncture points, the treatment re-aligns the energy in the body.

Clinical Kinesiology methods also rely on the extremely precise energy connection between the mind and body.  Your body has been pre-programmed to sustain life.  Each cell, body part, organ and energy system is genetically encoded to work for continued survival of the organism.  Your brain acts as a giant “switching” center to channel this energy into action to maintain body function, coordinate messages, store data and retrieve information.  As connections are made, energy flows and intelligence is communicated.  Your body “talks,” the “tapping in” to this communication through muscle testing “works.”

The brain processes information precisely like a binary (functioning on a system of “two”) computer systematically turning on or off in relation to any given subject or perception.  Based on the Clinical Kinesiology test, we’re looking for a “lock” or neurological reflex that’s “on” or “off.”  This makes a muscle test that is strong (on) or weak (off) a simplistic, yet invaluable diagnostic tool.

With Clinical Kinesiology testing, discover how easy it is to rely on the body’s inner knowingness to access firsthand information on the foods your body can and cannot tolerate.  Instant feedback from this indispensable tool provides the vital link to deterring incompatible food patters, halting the downward spiral of dis-ease.

All messages from your sensory, visual, auditory and other nerve endings, including all thoughts, are processed through the brain.