Read A Healthy You Philosophy & Mission Statement

We are on a mission to teach, encourage, and support all health concerns using the modalities of natural health! Some of the major concerns as we travel the road of life is to achieve peace, progress, prosperity and good health.  To support and enhance a healhty state of well being is being cognizant of the wholistic approach by connecting the mind, body, and spirit to further accentuate a healthy life style and a healthy state of being.  G’d willing, the clairity and awareness of the wholistic approach to health and healing will provide us with a natural skill set and knowledge base of preventative health concerns that will lead to a more productive and healthy lifestyle.

“Read A Healthy You” offers the Naturopathic and Wholistic approach to achieve these ends using various modalities of Naturopathic Health, such as,  Iridology, Diet and Nutrition, Vitamins and Herbs, Essential Oils, Light Touch, Muscle Response Testings, pH Balancing, Emotional Healing and Ionic foot Bathes.

Read A Healthy You has developed its philosophy upon  the oneness that we find in creation.  All of G’ds creation is connected and work in harmony.  G’d has subjected to our use all things in the heaven and the earth and has made His bounties flow to us in exceeding measures.  This philosophy will enable us to share something of value with humanity, as we strive to establish a healthy state of well-being.  “Stay in Peace, Stay in Prayer, Stay Healthy”